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Whirlwind DIRECT2

DIRECT2 - Esta caja directa convierte se?ales Line, Instrumento o Speaker en una se?al de baja impedancia balanceada mic level, 2 canales.
Descripción Esta caja directa convierte señales Line, Instrumento o Speaker en una señal de baja impedancia balanceada mic level, 2 canales.
IN (1/4" jack X 2)
For input of the signals from the sources. The sources may be the outputs of any type of
musical instrument or amplifier speaker output. (WARNING! When connecting to speaker outputs, the Direct2
does not supply the proper amplifier load required by most tube type amplifiers. Do not use a tube amplifier s speaker
output alone with the Direct2. You must also have a speaker or appropriate dummy load connected to avoid possible
damage to the amplifier.
OUT (1/4" jack X 2)
A "Y" connection or "loop through" from the input.
OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2 (XLR jacks)
Male XLRs, which provide balanced low impedance (150 Ohms) signals suitable for
connection to balanced, low-Z equipment (mixing console, workstation, etc.)
PAD (Switch X 2)
Most instruments will operate properly when set to the OUT position. Set to the IN position
(applies an extra 20dB of attenuation) for use with very "hot" instrument signals or when
connecting the Direct2 to the speaker output of an amplifier.
GND/LIFT (Switch X 2)
Disconnects the ground between each input and the corresponding XLR output when set to
the LIFT position to help eliminate hum. Ground remains connected when set to the GND